Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe is a famous company for graphics. Dreamweaver is a product by Macromedia. In past designers have to use the adobe Photoshop to create the images and then it takes the time to move to the websites or HTML. Then with the passage of time adobe works and combines the Dreamweaver within their photoshop product. After that adobe Dreamweaver came into being.

Adobe Dreamweaver

How adobe Dreamweaver works?

Adobe Dreamweaver is the combination of two or more ingredients. In it, Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, creative suit, CSS, Fireworks combines together. A designer can take advantage of all these things and easily can create the website through the adobe Dreamweaver. It allows coding, designing, shaping and making your website more obvious. This is very helpful tools for the designers since 2005. It is available for Windows and Mac both systems.

What are the good aspects of Adobe Dreamweaver?

There are many good aspects of Adobe Dreamweaver. Some of them are given below:

  1. Suggestion

Suggestions for Adobe

Whenever you will write in DW, it will assist you more than anything. It will guide you and suggest you the codes or the suitable stuff. You can also find some helping materials which will allow you to remember the codes.

  1. Highlighting


It will also help you to highlight the codes you are needed. Codes are highlighted by default too. But the purpose of this is to make you remember about your coding.

  1. Validation


It will also allow you to check either the code you have written can work well or not. By that, you can test the code before finalising it.

  1. Display

Adobe Dreamweaver Display

It has also power to display the codes you have just written. You can come to know about your performance.

  1. Management

Adobe Dreamweaver Management

This application allows you to manage all of your codes. You can easily manage your code files and use them later.

What are the bad aspects of Adobe Dreamweaver?

There are also some drawbacks of using adobe Dreamweaver. Being a designer you should know that too. Here are some:

  1. Interface

One of the main drawbacks of Dreamweaver is that it has a confusing interface. It creates some kind of confusion for the designers.


One other thing is that WYSIWYG do not provide the accurate measurement. It cannot be trusted because of the false information it provides.

  1. Not in control

You cannot control your codes accurately here. Many beginners ended up with disappointment.

  1. Expensive

This application is also expensive to use. As it is the combination of many applications but still it is expensive.

These are some brighter and darker sides of adobe Dreamweaver. Although it has some drawbacks but the experienced people who know about every concern use it. They know how to deal with the drawbacks and how to overcome the difficulties in this application. It allows a designer to find everything at one place if he/she knows to tackle the things. Otherwise, the new updates are also enhancing the user experience. It is also becoming user-friendly.