Available Web Design Tutorial About Website Design

Web Design Tutorial is something which is really helpful for the beginners to design their own website themselves. But beginners should not just totally rely on these tutorials, as sometimes they do not provide you with complete information. And if you will follow these tutorials then there might be a possibility that you will end up with missing features in your website. And the best way to find out those missing features is by first to open that web page and then right-click on it, and there you will find View Source Code. So just click on it and you will realize that there are certain things not present on your website which makes your website to lack in the rankings. So there are certain things which you should keep in mind while designing your own website. And first and the basic thing is Meta Tags, and this is the most important thing to get your website to some search engine.

Meta Tags

Basically, Meta Tags consists of all the necessary information in your website, and by this information search engine finds out to place your in their list according to the rank. It is really necessary that search engines should be completely satisfied by your website, and that could be only possible if you have set Meta Tags in order. Then Next Thing comes to the identification of your website, and that is only possible by the keyword. Obviously, people need some keyword to search your website in the search engines, so choose the keywords wisely and do some research on it as well. So that your website could come in the most searched keywords.

Keywords and Description

Next important thing in the designing of a website is the description of the website. Usually, this information is given in the about us section but there are some websites which put their description in their homepage. Well, the thing that matters is the writing style of the description, because without this description is of no use. Or in other word first impression is the last impression, and here description would be the first impression of the data given on your website. Now it is up to you that how can you catch the attention of the people by just the description. Then next thing which is a problem now a days for many website owners is the title.


The title should be given to each and every page of your website, without this your website is just useless. As these titles help out people to find out the specific information or data given in your website. And each web page should consist of Title on the top, the description which should include the keywords by SEO. The basic purpose that your website should have these features, then the reason is that web designing plays a very important role to catch the traffic easily. SO if it is done properly then no doubt you will get hundreds or maybe thousands of visitors’ every day on your website.