What are managed and unmanaged hosting?

The Internet has prevailed our lives this day and has taken control of almost all the aspects of our life. Anything that we want to do can be done on the internet with help of different websites available. To us it is has become easier to find everything on the internet just because it has been made easier for you by a lot of effort. Web hosting has made all of this possible for you, by the help of it, you can have access to websites or other people can have access to your websites easily.

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Web hosting:

Web hosting is a service in which it allows internet users to have an access to your or your organisation’s website. Without the web hosting there I no use of a website because people would only be able to have access to it when it would be made visible and accessible by the web hosting service. It makes the websites accessible by the World Wide Web. Web host also manages and take care of all the technical issues and the setup. They have all the web pages of the hosted site on their server so that they can make it available for the users.

Web hosting could be managed as well as unmanaged.

Unmanaged web hosting:

Unmanaged hosting doesn’t offer many services and does not help with the management if the website. It will just install you an operating system and leave you on your own. There won’t be any software updates by this kind of web hosting. This is the reason it is known as unmanaged hosting because you have to do all the management without your host’s help. There are a lot of services that a server might need help in but unfortunately with unmanaged hosting.

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Managed hosting:

Managed hosting is a lot better than unmanaged hosting because it provides people with many more services. Managed hosting not only install the operating system for you, it also manages it too and helps you install other software updates to keep your website better running. Managed hosting is the web hosting with additional features of management as well. Following are few of the additional services provided by the managed hosting.

·        Automatic backups:

This is one of the very great services of the managed hosting. Most of the people fret about losing their web data so they have to make backups of that data but managed hosting gives you the facility of automatic backups so you don’t have to worry about your website data.

·        Control panel:

Unlike unmanaged hosting, in managed hosting have this control panel of your website that helps to do many functions like email forwarding etc. You can install a control panel in unmanaged hosting too but if you don’t have the skills to use it would be a waste of time for you.

·        Performance monitoring:

Managed hosting also monitor the performance of your website. It has continuous check and balance of your website.

·        Software updates:

Managed hosting will give you the automatic software updates so your system can remain updated all the time.

All the above any many other services are being provided by the managed hosting that makes it a lot better than the unmanaged hosting.