What is responsive web design?

According to some analysis, about 90% of the people use multiple screens. And about 81% of the people browse the internet. These all figures show that there are a different kind of internet users. Some people use it from their laptops, some by desktop and LCDs, some by mobile devices and some by tablets. To meet with all of the user’s requirements, responsive web design is needed.

 What is responsive web design?


You might have experienced the surfing of a website on different platforms. But have you ever noticed that the website appears to represent the same interface irrespective of your device? You can find out the same website on any device. That is because of responsive web design. Responsive web design enables a website to appear same on every platform or screen. If you are using the website of Target store then it will appear in the same way on your browser, tablet or your mobile device. That is because of responsive web design.

How does it work?

Responsive web design works on the basis of coding and designing which is done by professionals. It has been following since 2013. Since then the trend of responsive web design is being followed and adopted by many professionals. And now almost all the websites are developed keeping in view this pattern.

To understand how responsive web design works we have an example of a website based on 3 columns. Column 1 should take about 50% and column 2 should take about 30% and 20% should be taken by column 3. This pattern would be seemed to be perfect and it can be displayed in the same manner on every device.

Some Factors regarding Responsive Web Design

While you go forward with responsive web design then you need to follow some key points. Have a look at them:


While you are designing a website for mobile and desktop both, you need to display the fewer images on the cell phone. That is because it will take a long time to load. You can display all graphics on Desktop or LCD but on the mobile device, your website should display only important images.


Whenever a designer is designing a website he should keep in mind this important factor. Scrolling a website on the desktop is easier because of a mouse but this is not the same on the mobile phone. On cell phone or tablet a user usually touches to select the things on a website. Therefore, the designer should focus that the website should work well irrespective of being dependent on touch or mouse.


It has also been a great thing that if you want to add some plugins or applications on your website then make all of them viable for every device. Keep in mind that your website would be viewed by iPhone, Android, Blackberry or any other operating system. So your website should be workable on every kind of stuff.

These all are some important concerns about the Responsive web design. In short, responsive web design is such designing with the help of which a website can be smoothly viewed on any operating system. You can experience the same thing on every device.