What is Shared Hosting

Web hosting like most of us are aware of is a service which allows the people and organisations to give access to the internet users in specific domains or all over the internet. Once you yourself or by some help has created the website for your business or organisation you have to find a web host for your website which handles the rest of the issues that include making it accessible to the people and also making it visible to the users. Not only making accessible but the management of the website is also one of the important function of the web hosting service. Web hosting service could be managed or unmanaged but basically, it is of three types

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  • Shared hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Dedicated hosting

We are going to discuss shared hosting here

What is shared hosting?

Shared hosting is a little bit like VPS hosting but unlike it, it has only one server that has multiple websites on it and there are no virtual servers for each website. One of the main reasons that it is used is that it is extremely cheap and can be afforded by all types of businesses. It is economical because a single server is being shared by multiple users. More are the number of users less is the price of this type of web hosting service. It has the usage limit for each of the website and it can’t exceed the normal limit set. The limit is set by the monthly subscription by each website owner.

Shared hosting can be beneficial in such cases where one business require different websites for different purposes so all of those websites can be created on the same server for the sake of ease and also it would be economical or the business as compared to the other web hosting services.

Shared Web Hosting - jnb-design.com

Features of shared hosting:

Following are the some of the important features of shared hosting

·        Pre-installed applications:

This is one of the great and beneficial reasons for selecting the shared hosting. Many companies provide users with pre-installed apps or a number of good reasons and make sure to provide them ease with these pre-installed applications. These pre-installed applications include the control panel that comes handy in all the situations with web hosting. Shared hosting has to install applications itself because each single server has multiple websites so it’s better if software and applications should already be present.

·        Support:

If you are new to this web hosting thing then support is something that you need and you will find it nowhere but on the shared web hosting.

·        Uptime

The uptime with shared hosting is never 100 percent but less than it because monitoring is not required in case of shared hosting. Uptime is basically the time in which the web hosting company has to stay online so people can have quick access to the server but there is no need of 100% uptime with shared hosting.

If you have just started your business then shared hosting is very appropriate for you as it is the most economical on.